• Improve visual memory by matching pictures

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    Memory game matching pictures
  • Train auditory memory by matching sounds

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    Memory game matching sounds – educational apps for kids
  • Develop critical thinking by matching what goes together

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    Memory game matching what goes together
  • Learn Russian letters and use them too!

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    Kids learn Russian alphabet quickly and independently

Welcome to KIDiSMART

KIDiPLAY Match Icon


Memory Game with a Twist.  Learn while playing!

KIDiPLAY Match stands out from other memory games due to its unusual content: it lets kids match pictures, sounds and also pictures of objects that go together. Rich content, voice recordings, and a settings menu that lets parents and educators control most aspects of the app, make it a great tool in general and special education.

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KIDiPLAY Match Lite

Fully functional free version of KIDiPLAY Match

KIDiPLAY Match Lite is a great free introduction to KIDiPLAY Match. While carrying only a portion of the content, it has the full functionality of KIDiPLAY Match.

KIDiLEARN Russian Alphabet Icon

Russian Alphabet

Learn Russian Letters and Use Them Too!

KIDiPLAY Russian Alphabet is an educational app that teaches the Russian letters and sounds using tested interactive learning methodologies. The app covers a wide range of skills from recognizing and finding the letters on a keyboard to recognizing the sound of the first letter in a word, and finally finding a missing letter, suitable for kids starting to read in Russian.

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